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Demon King's Heir is a tactical rpg made with SRPGStudio, with a Fire Emblem-esque approach to classic fantasy worlds like those found in the majority of rpg games.


In the realm of Heldenland, the Dark Forces lead  by the evil Demon King have been terrorizing the citizens for ages. Fed up of all the injustice the Dark Forces brought to his home, a young hero departed with his friends on a quest to free the kingdom of them, ending up fighting the Demon King himself and slaying it with his weapon, the Evil Slayer Legendia.

300 years later, the world has experienced great progress and Heldenland has become a prosperous nation, having banished all monsters to live in a wasteland and using military force to keep them there. However, the monsters may have a secret weapon, prophesied after the Demon King's demise: the Demon King's Heir. 


  • 26 playable characters.
  • Modern setting.
  • Original assets.
  • Weapon triangle and trinity of magic.
  • Unlimited uses for weapons.
  • Classes and promotions.
  • Bonus EXP depending on performance in battle.
  • Chainsaw-swords and mechs.



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